Stay On Top Form During Your Training

From our diets we receive the nutrients required to function healthily. By eating a varied diet you are more likely to consume a range of nutrients rather than just a few.

healthy diet fitnessThere are certain foods in our diets that are not as good for us but we enjoy the taste, appearance and smell of these foods. These types of foods such as, crisps, coffee, sweets, cakes, rich sauces, pastries, sauce accompaniments and fizzy/sugary drinks should be incorporated into a healthy diet where they are eaten in small proportions, less often because they are high in sugar and saturated fat.

Considering our portion sizes of these types of foods is the first step and then to reduce the frequency by replacing them with another food type. For example, replace fizzy drinks with flavored sparkling water or milk to lower the added sugar you intake. Excess sugar will negatively impact your dancing when you have a sugar crash halfway through a dance.

This is also of great benefit to your dental health. These types of foods contain added sugar whereas we already consume enough sugar from fruits and milk. The sugar in fruits and milk is naturally occurring and is alongside essential nutrients. However, cakes and pastries are empty calories as they can be high in calories but contain little nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Experimentation leads to the discovery of different food combinations which enables you to choose foods that energy for great training sessions. It also increases the variety of vitamins and minerals that you intake and this is beneficial to your health. A simple way to increase the balance of your diet is to choose colorful foods. It is likely that if you have a colorful plate in front of you, you are consuming a range of different nutrients.

Ready-made meals and convenience foods have become increasingly popular within society and they are readily available twenty four hours a day. This sometimes suits the busy lifestyles that we lead but the foods we consume are usually high in salt, sugar and saturated fat and contain little nutrients that benefit our health.

exercise energy foodThey also require minimal effort to prepare and cook which is ideal if we are in a rush but sometimes it is best to stop and think, “Am I in a rush? I can spare half an hour to prepare and cook something nutritious to eat!” This highlights how a balanced diet is related to our lifestyle. Making time and planning your meals is of benefit to your health and the more it becomes a part of your routine the less of a task it becomes.

Anybody can follow a recipe. Understandably, we all have other commitments and do not have the time to cook something from scratch every day. However, following a new recipe once a week or once every two weeks would, eventually, result in a different recipe every day.

You can pick a few quick recipes and a few longer recipes, after following them a couple of times, the recipe will become familiar and eventually the recipe book or app will not be relied on as much. Another tip is to make enough to last for two evening meals or make a larger batch and freeze the leftovers for another time. Cooking and eating together as a family is positive and is a time where you can relax, enjoy good food and chat about the day’s ups and downs all together.