Review of SoftTouch Ballet Barre 4.5 Foot

What is it?

Portable Dance Bar – Adjustable Height 31 Inch – 49 Inch – Freestanding Stretching Barre

What’s good about it?

  • Very good build – strength and sturdiness is as expected
  • It can support almost 300 pounds – can be used my multiple dancers simultaneously
  • The coating used is scratch resistant – made of bronze powder
  • It is much easier to clean than wood – meaning it is more hygienic
  • The adjustable height (from the floor to the top of the barre) is 31″ up to 49″

What do people think about it?

  • “This is really a fantastic ballet barre – especially for this great price. And, you could not find better customer service!!! I ordered one, it arrived with a couple bent parts. As soon as the supplier saw my note/review, THEY contacted me to apologize and set up a replacement one to be shipped to me immediately. Impressive… The assembly was VERY easy – takes all of 5-10 minutes and all you need to assemble it is provided. (Bolts, washers, and an Allen wrench). I really like this bar and highly recommend it!”


  • “Very sturdy for barre workouts. After using it several times, I wish the barre was longer, like 6ft, and made of wood. (the metal barre is not “soft” and rather cold). I think I may try replacing the metal barre with a wooded one on my own.┬áBy the way — watch the instructions — there are two sets of each letter, so I assembled it upside down at first.”
  • “I love it. All peices came with the package no missing peices. I put it together all by myself in about 20 mins. I highly recommend this ballet Barre for any ballerina. I got this ballet Barre for my home dance studio. It’s working fine Its gives you all the support you need for classical ballet training.”

Is is good for adults?

  • “I bought it for my wife who does Physique 57 barre exercises and she is very satisfied. It seemed almost identical to the one sold on the Physique 57 site and was much less expensive. Seems to be stable and well built. It was easy to put together, too.”

And children too?

  • “…the bar is great. It can be low enough for children and even though it is soft touch, be mindful that it is metal. There is nothing cushy about this very stable bar.”
  • “I will be teaching mostly children. It is quite adjustable. My 7 year old can put her leg on it comfortably. And I can raise it to suit myself & I am 5′ 6″. Hope that helps.”
  • “It has to be adjusted to your child’s height and hip level. As the child grows, height can be increased.”

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